555 Black Coconut & Cashmere Wood (EXCLUSIVE EDITION)

555 Black Coconut & Cashmere Wood (EXCLUSIVE EDITION)

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If you’re after timeless luxury, Black Coconut & Cashmere Wood is the candle for you.  This scent will make any space in your home feel high vibe.

Milan’s favorite for when you want to leave an unforgettable impression.

Perfect for when you’re hosting an event or occasion.

Angel Number

Angel number 555 signifies that you should embrace the change that’s coming into your life.

Let go of any reservations and doubts you’re holding onto as you enter the next chapter of your life. Trust that the universe is sending abundance and opportunities your way. You are supported and protected by your spirit guides, and you are in perfect alignment with your dreams and aspirations.

During this time, deepen your spiritual practice and pay attention to your intuition. It will guide you to where you need to be.

Affirmations: I am excited for what is to come / I choose love / I embrace the unknown / I am ready to experience it all / I release all that is holding me back as I enter this new chapter of my life.

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Customer Reviews

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Jenny Mollet

I absolutely love this candle! It smells absolutely incredible and it's such a nice scent to come home to. I've even gotten compliments from other residents on my floor in my apartment complex how they can smell it in the hallways and how much they love the scent as well!

Bariye Erbeli

What a classy candle. Soft touch, most amazing smell with a calm burn.. Brings peace to our home.

Melissa Ocasio
Best Candle

From the packaging to the scent to the sound of the wooden candle wick crackling during some self care time - it’s quite an experience 🕯️

Ruthie Scollan

The weight. The scent. The luxury. All 5 stars. I cannot wait to gift it for Christmas!!

Jessica Freeland
Wonderful candle with a great mission

Milan's Black coconut & cashmere wood candles smell amazing! Just the right amount of fragrance without overwhelming your space. It is elegant but bold, a perfect middle ground. The design compliments any room. The smooth burning of the wick adds to the elegance. They are easy to light and burn evenly.
Milan candles are packaged with extreme care, to make sure they arrive without a single nick or scratch. As you start to get through the plastic you can actually smell the candles through the box! The angel numbers are a beautiful bonus.