111 Eucalyptus & Mint

111 Eucalyptus & Mint

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Take the weight off your shoulders, step back, gain clarity and relax with our Eucalyptus & Mint scented candle.

Milan’s favorite for getting in alignment and moving more intentionally through life.

Perfect for your relaxing space.

Angel Number

Angel number 111 signifies manifesting your thoughts into reality.

This number energetically aligns you to leadership, creativity, optimism and independence.

When you start seeing the number 111 everywhere, it’s a sign from the universe to observe and pay close attention to your thoughts because you will manifest anything you think about continuously. The universe is reminding you to think positive thoughts and release any negativity from your life.

Spend some time during this period to gain clarity on your life’s goals and purpose and focus your thoughts and energy on accomplishing those. Align yourself to your mission in life and think only of what you desire.

Affirmations: I trust myself / I trust the universe / I am present / I am ready to manifest all that I desire / The universe provides for me in abundance.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
cindy melendez
So gooood!

Gave my bathroom/hallway such a fresh scent


eucalyptus & mint are two of my favorite spring time home scents in general and this candle is so beautiful and gives off a lovely scent! looks perfect in any room in my house!

Rafaya Dardha

The candle smells amazing and the packaging is impeccable! I’ve been obsessed since I got it!

Erica Fierro

I am loving this scent. The eucalyptus and mint complement each other very well. The mint is not overbearing, it's subtle with the eucalyptus. It's just right. I have it lit now and the scent fills the entire room. Shipping was quick and the box it came in was beautiful. I will definitely be buying a different scent soon.

Alicia Manani

I love this candle so much that I had to photograph it because its so stunning and elegant. It exceeded my expectations!
Their mission is one of the reasons I bought the candle and I love how it's reinforced in the lid of the box. The angel numbers are such a great touch too.
The candle came in the most secured packaging ever. The scent is incredible and you can literally smell it through the box!