999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte
999 Chai Latte

999 Chai Latte

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Feel the love when you light Chai Latte.  This candle is the perfect companion for your path to reconnecting with what’s important to you.

Milan’s favorite for bringing more peace and meaning into your life.

Perfect for catching up with friends and family.

Angel Number

Angel number 999 means you are closing a chapter in your life and entering a new one.

You are stepping into a brand new realm, unfamiliar to you, with limitless opportunities. During this time, release and let go of any and everything that no longer serves you or your life. Let go of any fear and reservations. Breathe, and continue to move forward.

The angels are here to support you and take care of you so don’t worry about anything. Better things are coming your way.

During this period of change, focus on being more productive and do things that make you feel good. This number is a sign from the angels that you are being given a new opportunity to create a better life for yourself by starting over.

Affirmations: I accept the past and live in the present / I am free / I am ready for transformation / I release it all / I am strong and ready to start my new life.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Heather Arnold

Rich, warm scent that smells amazng when burned in my kitchen or bedroom. Obsessed with packaging, wood wick and how the candle looks while burning! LOVE!

Maria Orozco

The smell is espectacular and so strong! I absolutely love it. The packaging is definitely very high end!

Tracy Brown
Best candles ever!!!

These candles are amazing. The attention to detail, how well they are packaged and quality (you can smell these before you open the boxes) is amazing! Love the mission as well. With this one, the scent notes hit you at certain points. I’ve walked out smelling coffee & spices, walked back into the home office smelling creamy vanilla. The scent lingers, but isn’t overpowering.

We go through a lot of candles & melts here, this candle is better than the ones we usually buy! As you can see, it’s about time for thinking about ordering another one!!

Alicia Manani

I love this candle so much that I had to photograph it because its so stunning and elegant. It exceeded my expectations!
Their mission is one of the reasons I bought the candle and I love how it's reinforced in the lid of the box. The angel numbers are such a great touch too.
The candle came in the most secured packaging ever. The scent is incredible and you can literally smell it through the box!