777 Coconut Cashmere

777 Coconut Cashmere

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You can’t go wrong with our top selling candle, Coconut Cashmere.  It’s great for making ordinary moments feel beautiful and special again.  

Milan’s favorite for finding gratitude in every day and every occasion. 

Perfect for every space.  Any day, any time.

Angel Number

Angel number 777 signifies the connection between the spirit and the soul and represents a spiritual awakening, or inner wisdom.

When the angel number 777 presents itself, the universe is applauding you for trusting and following your intuition towards your life’s greater purpose.

Now is the time to increase your sense of self-awareness and focus your thoughts, actions, feelings and decisions to support you in achieving spiritual enlightenment. The universe and your guardian angels will help you on this path. They will lead you to the right people, the right places, and bring you the right resources and opportunities at the right time.

The number 777 also represents special gifts and abilities that you may have to improve the lives of others. Use these gifts to make a difference and become a positive example and you will ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

Affirmations: I am always at the right place at the right time / Fortune favors me / I am open to receiving love / I trust my intuition and inner wisdom / I am in alignment with my life’s greatest purpose.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Prathima Venkatesan
The smell is calming and subtle

I’m not a big coconut fan but the beautiful mix with cashmere of this candle was amazing! I love it in my living room!

Cinthia Cosme
Elegant candle

Love the smell of this candle , very inviting. And for a great cause , will recommend to a friend .

Wally Lebron
Love it!

Candle smells amazing!

Macey Garza
The scent of Distinguished Elegance.

The scent of Elegance… If you want to know the scent of Distinguished Elegance, get the Coconut 🥥 Cashmere. Refreshing. In Love. Long lasting. Permeates the whole Salon 💇‍♀️

Alya Alghamdi
Message in a bottle candle

This website seems to have a lot of attractions and people seem to spill their heart out when they leave review. this product is very different and unique.
I go through candles weekly and I collect them from all over the world and from my traveling, so people always used to my house smelling with different stuff, they give asking.

Since I started using this product, everybody’s asking me because it smells different and flies smoothly through the air. It’s been very very hard to find candles that you can burn through the day because some of them makes breathing hard, or would they cause some smoke when they burn too.

Very grateful for creating such a wonderful piece of art,,in the world of candles :)