777 Coconut Cashmere

777 Coconut Cashmere

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You can’t go wrong with our top selling candle, Coconut Cashmere.  It’s great for making ordinary moments feel beautiful and special again.  

Milan’s favorite for finding gratitude in every day and every occasion. 

Perfect for every space.  Any day, any time.

Angel Number

Angel number 777 signifies the connection between the spirit and the soul and represents a spiritual awakening, or inner wisdom.

When the angel number 777 presents itself, the universe is applauding you for trusting and following your intuition towards your life’s greater purpose.

Now is the time to increase your sense of self-awareness and focus your thoughts, actions, feelings and decisions to support you in achieving spiritual enlightenment. The universe and your guardian angels will help you on this path. They will lead you to the right people, the right places, and bring you the right resources and opportunities at the right time.

The number 777 also represents special gifts and abilities that you may have to improve the lives of others. Use these gifts to make a difference and become a positive example and you will ascend to a higher state of consciousness.

Affirmations: I am always at the right place at the right time / Fortune favors me / I am open to receiving love / I trust my intuition and inner wisdom / I am in alignment with my life’s greatest purpose.

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Heaven Sent

I want to Thank God for such a beautiful gesture to me on a day I definitely needed to have some light shine down on me. 😇 I received The 777 Coconut Cashmere and it smells so elegant, definitely fills the room!I won my candle on a raffle for vday and I believe It was a sign from God as I am going through a season of trials at home . I love the support Milan provides to help stop trafficking and hope that his mission will continue with the support of his Businesses and mentorship workshops 🙏💪


Amazing smell. Buying again!


The best candles

Nicole D'ambrosia
777 Coconut Cashmere

Let me start off by saying that this isn’t your average candle! First thing I noticed was the beautiful box it arrived in, might seem silly but still true. It was very secured it packing as well. Secondly, when opening the box the scent of the candle hits you before you can even see it! Thirdly, the smell is absolutely clean and beautifully robust. I’ve never had a candle that smelled anything like this!! Which makes it even more valuable. I mean honestly, don’t we all want to have items in our home that are exotic and rare?
The simplicity of the design is very clean and elegant. You can literally set it anywhere and it will go with your decor. The scent is not overbearing, it’s very soft but powerful. It burns clean and the scent lasts even after you blow it out! Which I personally love. The quality is the best I’ve ever had. I have lit mine and let it burn several times, for different amounts of time. A few hours here and there and it’s not even melted a third of the way yet! Fantastic ♥️
Don’t even waste your time on other candles, this is on a whole other level!! Knowing that I have these in my home for myself, gifting anyone less than this would be embarrassing. These make a great gift for anyone that likes candles! And there are plenty of different scents to chose from. Not to mention the mission behind the candle is to shed light on trafficking and helping those victims recover from the trauma. You’re not just buying a candle, you’re investing to be part of the solution!!

Beautiful candle with a beautiful mission!

Receiving and opening up this special candle felt like a warm, comforting experience. An experience that had been very well thought through on every level and created with such love, care and intention.

I could smell the scent before I had even unwrapped the outer packaging so I knew I was in for a treat - and a treat it was indeed!

The candle itself is aesthetically pleasing and adds an elegant touch to my decor which is an extra bonus.

A well-deserved gift to yourself, but also a thoughtful gift for others whilst making a difference in the world at the same time.

P.S the most secured package I’ve ever received!

Thank you Milan Candles.