222 Coffee & Cinnamon

222 Coffee & Cinnamon

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Your favorite cup of coffee in a candle!  There’s nothing better to remind you of home.  Whether you need to focus on getting stuff done or want to sit down and catch up with friends and family, this is the perfect go-to scent for you.

Milan’s favorite for waking up and starting your day.

Perfect for your office or workspace.

Angel Number

Angel number 222 is an encouragement from the universe to establish harmony and balance in all areas of your life.

This number is a sign that things will be improving for you soon so remain patient and have faith that everything is working out for you exactly as it is supposed to. The reason will be made clear to you as you start to manifest all that you desire into reality.

Express your gratitude, focus on what you want and maintain a healthy and positive mindset. The universe will reward you for your gratitude and appreciation of all the good things in your life.

Affirmations: I am in perfect balance / I am in alignment with myself and the universe / I am overflowing with gratitude / Everything happens in divine timing for me / I love my life.

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Customer Reviews

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José P.
First Apt. Scent!

I lit this candle in my first apartment and it made the space so warm and cozy! Felt like a familial hug, definitely made it feel like a home! Such a rich scent.

Alya Alghamdi
Quality meets quantity

The Quality of shipping and delivering just as good as the quality of this product.
Totally worth the price!

Julie Ramos
New favorite candle

In love with this candle! Smells amazing & the sound of the burning wood wick is super calming. Can't wait to try more :)

Maria Orozco

The smell is espectacular and so strong! I absolutely love it. The packaging is definitely very high end! Tell Luis thank you! 🕯 and of course I love my lashes 🤍


I love this candle so much that I had to photograph it because its so stunning and elegant. It exceeded my expectations!
Their mission is one of the reasons I bought the candle and I love how it's reinforced in the lid of the box. The angel numbers are such a great touch too.
The candle came in the most secured packaging ever. The scent is incredible and you can literally smell it through the box!