333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla
333 French Vanilla

333 French Vanilla

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Rediscover fun and let your intuition guide you to more joy, self-expression and optimism with our twist on a classic French Vanilla candle.  It’s impossible not to smile when you smell this sweet and velvety scent.

Milan’s favorite for when you need a little burst of happiness.

Perfect for your living room.

Angel Number

Angel number 333 represents that the time is perfect to step forward and accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted.

The universe is supporting you and your spirit guides are sending you love and guidance to help you reach your highest power - physically and spiritually.

Now is the perfect time to trust your intuition and take action on opportunities that arise. You will experience growth and move in a positive direction, so remain confident and trust the universe.

Affirmations: I am safe / I am secure / My mind, body, and spirit are in balance / I trust the universe / I am ready to achieve my highest self.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Abi Balogun
Truly transcendent experience

The candle is so beautiful!!! It smells wonderful. It's almost too beautiful to light. And i love the angel number theme. I also got it as a gift for my sister. I hope she loves it as much as I do

Ruthie Scollan
Fabulous Scent & Gorgeous

Smells fabulous. Very rich. Great throw too. It scented the whole floor.


Perfect vanilla scent- not too overpowering, just warm and gorgeous! Wood wick crackles when lit - extremely relaxing sound!


I love this candle so much that I had to photograph it because its so stunning and elegant. It exceeded my expectations!
Their mission is one of the reasons I bought the candle and I love how it's reinforced in the lid of the box. The angel numbers are such a great touch too.
The candle came in the most secured packaging ever. The scent is incredible and you can literally smell it through the box!

Lizbeth Sanchez
Smells Amazing

I love this scent. The scent is so calming and peaceful.